Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: We currently ship internationally.

We do but please have patience and allow a lot of time for your package to arrive.

The price to ship is very expensive, please understand I have no control over the current USPS rate.

By placing an international order you consent that I am not liable for any lost packages or damages. I will still do my very best to assist you in the event of any issues so don't hesitate to reach out to me.

If you have any problems at all please contact me at:

Q: I got a "For Rectal Use Only Sticker" in my package. Are you mad at me? What are they for?

A: Of course not! They're just for fun. All orders come with stickers or other freebies dependent on supply. 

Q: How thick are wood patches?

A: 1/8th Inch Thick 

Q: What kind of wood are WoodPatches made of?

A: American Birch. From America.

Q: Do you put anything on the outside of the packaging?

A: We stamp our envelopes with our logo or mascot. If you would like us to refrain from branding the package simply leave us a note and we'd be happy to provide normal discreet packaging. 

Q: Why "WoodPatchs" for your website and email and not "WoodPatch" "WoodPatches"?

A: Someone bought the domain so I just rolled with it. 

Q: I want something but it's out of stock. When will you get more?

A: Restocks typically occur Friday's at 6PM EST. To stay ontop of all of our new patches, artwork and restocks follow us @WoodPatchs on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Be sure to sign up for restock notifications on the item page, I use this metric to know what to restock soonest.

Q: I want to use my WoodPatch for (X) purpose and (don't) want velcro.

A: Feel free to email us if you would like a custom order. Leaving velcro off a patch or adding it to some of the smaller portraits is possible and if you'd like that just drop us a line and we'll work with you! 

Q: Can you make me a custom embroidery patch?

A: Unfortunately we only offer custom wood engraving.

Q: Why is shipping so expensive?

A: We have recently begun to use a rate-based shipping option to offer you the best shipping price. All orders are shipped in padded envelopes and are required to be shipped via USPS First Class Package. This is to ensure no damage to your WoodPatches or other items in transit and provide a speedy fulfillment time. All packages come with a tracking number.

Q: I was charged a customs fee.

A: Customs fees will be the responsibility of the recipient, in the event that you have been charged a customs fee and do not wish to pay it, do not claim your package and it will be sent back. Once I've received it; you will get a refund for your order but you will no longer be able to make additional orders on WoodPatch.

Q: I am unsatisfied with my purchase because of damage, defects or other errors. What should I do?

A: Feel free to email us any time at woodpatchs@gmail.com and we will be happy to find the best solution for you. We always strive to provide the best possible customer service.

Q: How fast does my order ship?

A: I ship all orders every Monday or Tuesday. If the purchase is made during a sale such as Black Friday of 4th July please allow additional processing time due to order volume. WoodPatches are made to order and may add a delay to the order.