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Smol Dinergate Models

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Smol 3D Printed Dinergate Models. These are printed in black PLA and have a red PLA eye friction fit. They're 20mm tall which makes them a good size for nendos or just a little undersized scaled next to figmas.

They're ready for paint, so you can customize them how you like. There is also an option to have them hand painted and WoodPatch will very carefully paint the details for you. 

They're printed at a very fine quality to get details out of them so any orders containing one of these may delay an order a few days. Allow extra time for painting.

20mm Tall

[Product Disclaimer]
3D Printed Item. Item by have some minor imperfections from support removal or the process of printing. If you select painted variants I'll do my very best to paint them well but WoodPatch is a very flawed person so it may not be perfect- Let me know!