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Motorola Razr 128GB New In Box

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This is a brand new Motorola Razr folding phone. Black, 128GB.

It's the first model from end of 2019 early 2020 not the 5G version. I had this phone for most of a year, really loved it because the folding display thing is just the neatest piece of the tech ever and I used the outside display as like an Mp3 player and all that sort of stuff.

Recently I broke it, so I sent it back to Motorola and instead of fixing it they sent me a brand new one. The invoices say 'repaired' but I'm 99% it's brand new. If you want, I can open it for you and take pictures after purchase but for now I won't even break the seals.

Figure I'll just upgrade eventually so instead of opening it and setting everything back up I'll sell it to someone else who thinks it's as cool as I did. 

If you have any questions feel free to email me at

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