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3D Printed Vita Dock

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You NEED a modded PS Vita for this to do you any good. 

With a modded PS Vita and the udcd-uvc plugin you can use this dock the same way you would use a Switch dock. Insert your PS Vita into the dock and via HDMI out the image will be displayed on the screen. Using DS4vita plugin you can pair a Dualshock 4 with your Vita to play your games, emulators etc. (You can use a DS3 too with another plugin if you prefer)

I've been printing these for people, so here is a listing to make it easier. 

Any questions? Shoot me an email at and I'll be happy to answer them.

[Supporting Documentation]
Complete Guide and Parts List Located Here:

[3D Printed Case Only]
For those who want to do the rest themselves. Just the empty 3D printed dock.

[Completed Dock Ready to Play]

* 3D Printed Dock
* Pi 3B+ 
* Power Supply
* 16GB SD Card with VitaDock Image.
* Vita Sync Cable or USB Micro 
Allow 3-5 days for completion. 
Does not include HDMI Cable.

By default you will get a black dock. If you want another color, leave a note. I have Red, Black, Blue, Green, White, Tan, Gray and Orange. If you want another color that isn't listed, email me. I can probably do it.

The Slim Dock has a hole for a 3.5mm Audio Jack. If you want, you can glue in a 3.5mm jack and run it straight to a receiver or soundbar instead of connecting to the Vita Dock via Bluetooth for audio. Entirely optional for you to do, but if you really want to try to get better audio sync vs. the built in Bluetooth you can utilize it. Most people don't prefer 3.5mm because of a hissing/static background noise. I think due to the way the Vitadock is charging the vita while docked it creates interference. Some Soundbars and Receivers do a great job of reducing/eliminating this static but it's a case-by-case basis.