Patch Ornaments

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Ever thought one of your patches would make a good Christmas ornament? 
Ever tried to prop them among the branches and had your cats knock them out?

Now there is a more elegant solution. 

* All three shapes sold with single-sided loop velcro or double-sided.

* If you plan to slide the ring over a tree branch directly I recommend the single-sided, if you plan to use a hook, string or other mounting method that will allow the ornament to spin I recommend a double-sided option so they will display a patch on either side. 

* The 1" x 1" Square is primarily for die-cut patches. You can, however use it to mount any number of size and shape patches including the 3" x 3" and 2" x 3" shapes, although it will leave the hook velcro exposed. This may not be an issue for you, especially if you're using a fake Christmas tree. On a real Christmas tree pine needles and other debris may be attracted to the exposed velcro, which is why you may want the full sized ornaments (and I think they display much, much better.) Order the option the best suits your needs. 

3" x 3" Round - Common Circular Patches
2" x 3" Rectangle - Flag Patches
1" x 1" Square - Die-Cuts